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Expert advice for premier properties


There are countless consulting services in the hospitality industry, but there are no entities that have holistically covered the niche of outdoor hospitality the way C4 Outdoor has. We have the expertise and access to leading experts to overcome challenges related to each distinct property.

In addition to financing, there is much more to developing and implementing a concept. C4 Outdoor’s consulting services help clients understand the cause of a challenge while identifying remedies. Our team uses detail-oriented market information to offer a realistic view of project viability. We recommend the most efficient paths to accomplish business goals and achieve desired outcomes for the highest value. We tap a professional network to offer clients immediate access to industry Best Practices for all aspects of outdoor hospitality. With perspective and the right resources, your business improves all-around. 


Our consulting services cover four major areas:



  • Staff management
  • Daily operations
  • Asset management
  • Guest services
  • Infrastructure
  • Maintenance
  • Human Resources


  • Business start-up
  • Strategic planning 
  • Mission & objective planning
  • Legal business structure


    • Evaluation
    • Planning
    • Streamlining
    • Capital recruitment
    • Shareholder development
    • Sale of business
    • Buying a business


    • Marketing plans
    • Reservation systems
    • Sales team training
    • Product evaluation
    • Market Positioning