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Management services for properties of all sizes.


Difficulties and unforeseen challenges arise for all businesses, even successful ones. That’s why it’s important to be prepared, create back-up plans, and manage any crisis. Our management services stabilize operations and alleviate pressure with boots-on-the ground intervention.

At C4 Outdoor, we’ve all owned businesses and managed teams. We have experienced the ups and downs. We’ve witnessed businesses miss out on golden opportunities simply because they didn’t have the right staff, knowledge, or understanding to seize the moment. And, we’ve successfully guided owners, managers, and teams through all elements of business crisis and success.

We can help you anticipate, avoid or control common personnel, management, and environmental challenges. We offer a suite of management services with the core concept of adapting to your specific needs and desires. Utilize C4 Outdoor as either a short- or long-term solution to your management needs.


  • Hiring, building, and leading high performance teams 
  • Crisis Management 
  • Developing and instituting policies and protocols
  • Improving institutional culture 
  • Interim / Turnaround / Crisis Management Service
  • Managing culinary staff and operations
  • Managing work flow and human resource utilization and management
  • Operations
  • Working with regulatory agencies (such as the United States Forest Service)