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Clear communication with your ideal audience.

Digital Marketing Experts

Sales and Marketing requires an intimate knowledge of customers—who they are, where they are located, what they want, and ultimately, how to convert them into loyal, long-term clients through a values-based connection. This is often the single-most limiting factor to growing any business and can be even more challenging in the outdoor hospitality industry.  

C4 Outdoor will help you build relationships with customers and improve sales and marketing using best practice techniques. Our marketing approach has been highly refined through trial and error. We’ve worked with resorts, lodges, sporting camps, and outfitters offering a variety of outdoor activities to increase their revenue through new client reach.

The C4 Outdoor team can manage projects internally or help you select the right partners to develop brand strategies. No job is too big or too small, our team can organize and create your graphics, your website, your print and digital advertising, photography, video production, SEO, and CPC.  We make marketing budget decisions based on analysis of social media and website analytics.

Examples of our sales and marketing expertise include: website design and creation, website analytics for editorial and digital marketing, brand marketing, public relations, social media, photography, video production, and print media.

Outdoor Marketing Consultants